5 Reasons Every Blogger Should Conceal Carry

Let’s face it the world is changing and things are becoming more violent as we progress in our society.

As a blogger our faces and names are out there in the public eye. As we’re branding ourselves as gurus in some particular topic or niche.

The problem is now that we’ve have successfully branded ourselves, we’ve have become targets for someone who is either jealous, obsessed or just crazy enough to want to hurt us. Now is the time to learn some techniques.

 5 reasons why every blogger should conceal carry.


The Second Amendment

According to the sencond ammendment in our bill of rights, it’s your duty and right to defend yourself your home and your property with a firearm.

Depending on the state in which you live in you should follow all the laws of that state to safely and legally protect yourself to the best of your ability.

For Example: If legal in your state, look into the conceal laws and see what your state has to offer.

To Protect Your Familyhome-defense-shotgun

When you become successful, people want to target you because they’re jealous of what you have.

They may choose to hold your family ransom for money.

By teaching yourself and your family defend yourselves with or without a firearm, you are hedging against those horrible actions that could be taken against you.

retro-colt-adIt’s a Lot of Fun

Back when I first got in the , I got into it to solely protect my family and myself.

My wife and I went to the gun range and tested a variety of different types of pistols, and now we carry everywhere we go every single day.

However as time progressed I learned how much fun buying, shooting and training with new firearms could be.

It literally can become an addiction and a new hobby for you. It became such a fun hobby, that I made it my career.


I make it a priority to always conquer any of my fears that I may have. And I have found that whenever I choose to conquer a new fear, that somehow my life becomes a lot better, a lot more fun and I feel more alive.

So if you find yourself fearful of firearms like I was at one point in time, then go out and conquer your fears you’ll thank yourself for it later.


It’s your responsibility to protect yourself not the government’s, not your neighbor’s, not your friend’s and not your family’s.

It is your number one priority to keep yourself safe at all times if and when possible. The average response time for a 911 call is 9 minutes.

The average shooting occurs in less than 4 seconds.

How are the police going to defend in 4 seconds if it takes 9 minutes

for the police to arrive?

For example: If you conceal carry and train properly. You can defend youself in less the 3 seconds.

art of manliness brett mckayFinal Thoughts

I may get it a lot of crap for this blog post and that’s fine. Because my passion is for your safety and well-Being.

Even Brett McKay from the the Art Of Manliness has written multiple blog posts about what firearm he uses for everyday .

He has also written many blog post about self-defense and the importance of protecting yourself and your family.

Over the past few years Brett McKay from the Art of Manliness has become one of the most successful bloggers ever, and even he is aware of the importance of keeping himself and his family safe because he is in the public eye.


So I hope that this post helps inspire you to explore areas of life that may cause you fear or anxiety such as learning the art conceal carry, because that fear and anxiety isn’t going to go away until you conquer it.

As always I hope that all of you stay safe and be diligent in keeping yourself safe.



Take care,

Jonathan (Tactical Toolbox)



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