Bastions Ceramic/Carbon Fiber EDC Knife

Bastions Ceramic/Carbon Fiber EDC Knife





Edge Retention


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Materials Used



  • Light Weight
  • Carbon Fiber Scales
  • Ceramic Blade
  • Sleek & Sexy


  • Durability

Bastion’s Ceramic & Carbon Fiber Everyday Carry Pocket Knife Review!

Bastion Gentleman’s Carry Knife

Could this be the Best EDC knife?

We all have that one special EDC knife that we really love! But if your work in a professional atmosphere, carrying a tactical EDC knife can be cumbersome and heavy when wearing dress clothes. Not to mention that the giant pocket clip is sure to catch the eyes of everyone at your job.

That’s why Bastion created the Gentleman’s Carry EDC Knife

With its lightweight and sleek appearance, this carbon fiber and ceramic bladed knife is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

EDC knife


Before we get started with this EDC knife review, we must first establish the purpose of this knife and who its best suited for.

This is a light duty knife. Due to the hardness of the ceramic blade this knife isn’t suited for prying or cutting tough materials as the blade can break. This EDC knife is better suited for the office, the kitchen, the car, and around the house.


Tech Specs

“The knife features a ceramic blade with exceptional edge retention. The handle is made of pure 3K carbon fiber making it very durable and corrosion resistant. The knife features a tip-down clip and a lanyard hole. A truly unique gentlemen’s carry piece. -Blade length: 3.25″ -Overall length: 7.50″ -Weight: 2.1 oz -Handle length: 4.25″ -Handle thickness: 0.34″  According to

best edc knife

Why Would You Want This Knife?

The Cool Factor

Thanks to its sexy 3K carbon fiber scales and glossy black ceramic blade, “The Gentlemen’s EDC Knife” looks very modern like it belongs to someone who drives Porsche 911 Turbo.

The pocket clip is the perfect balance between form and function. Sturdy enough to maintain its retention, yet classy enough to match your tie clip.

carbon fiber knife

Perfect For Dress Clothes

I recently was in a wedding, and my typical EDC knife “Kershaw CQC-7K” was too heavy for the thin tuxedo pants that I was wearing.

But the Bastion carbon fiber knife worked perfectly due to it only weighing a mere 2.1 oz.

ceramic edc knife

Food Prep

The ceramic zirconium blade is ideal for food prep for two main reasons.

The edge won’t dull very easily

The blade is anti-bacterial due to the lack of pores in the ceramic.

Just be sure to avoid cutting bones and other hard materials as it can break the blade.


The Office

Being a social media influencer and blogger, I’m in my home office for the majority of the time.

I’m constantly opening mail and packages that come in for review, and the Bastion Gentleman’s Knife is always by my side.

The blade edge has held up perfectly and hasn’t lost any of its sharpness.


The Car

Sometimes when I check the mail I like to open in in the car, so this minimalist EDC knife works great for that as well.


Final Thoughts

This EDC pocket knife is for everyone, so I’m not going to claim that it’s the best EDC knife ever.

However, if you’re like me and sometimes need to dress up in nice clothes or spend a lot of time in the office, than I highly recommend the Bastion Gentleman’s EDC Knife as secondary EDC knife.





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