Sharing is Caring GAW Contest!

Ok so my account got hacked and someone deleted my last 20 videos.

Thankfully I have all the videos backed up, but the channel lost its view velocity and SEO.

We really need to get the SEO and Views back so that the affected companies don’t lose too many sales.

 So I could really use your help right now

Places to share

  1. Facebook – On Facebook you can share the link to my videos in the following places.
    1. On Your Personal Profile
    2. In Related FB Groups- e.g. Glock videos in glock groups, Ar-15 videos in AR groups, Holsters/belts in Concealed carry groups
    3. Gun Pages: On some of the firearm pages like Glock inc. etc. you can post to their pages as well.
    4. For facebook just make sure that the post is relavant to the Group or Page.
  2. Pinterest- If you have a Pinterest page you can pin the link to your boards
  3. StumbleUpon- Is a free account that people use to discover new content. You can add videos there with the video link. Sign up at
  4. Tumblr- Tumblr is a free social media where you can share videos using the video link.
  5. Twitter- Self explanatory
  6. Email- This is a great method for those who aren’t of social media.
  7. Reddit
  8. com
  9. com
  10. Instagram- If your following me on Instagram, please repost my content when its related to a new video. Using something like the ReGrann App

The Dream Glock Will Include

  1. Polymer 80 frame kit
  2. Custom slide
  3. After market slide
  4. True Precision Threaded Glock 19 Build
  5. All Internal Parts
  6. Upgraded Sights
  7. Custom Glock Trigger

I will know more Details on brands etc. shortly

Rules For Entry

  1. Join The Mailing List Above – Every time I post a new video I will send a mass email with the appropriate links to share.
  2. Share It in as many places as you like.
  3. Take a screenshot of each share.
  4. On September 30th I will email you a link to send your screenshots. Must be submitted by 11:59 pm Pacific October 1st.
  5. Then on October 3rd Whoever has the Most Total Shares Will Win a Brand New Custom Polymer 80 PF940C Dream Build!


Thank You So Much, and Good Luck!


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