My Glock Cost Me My Job!

glock fired


“What’s wrong with you?!” my boss yelled at me.

“You’ve always been a fantastic employee and you pull a stunt like this?”


I remember feeling an intense fear building up in my gut,

as my boss continued to yell at me.

I thought to myself “I can’t believe I’m about to lose my job again.”


Suddenly images of my wife and infant son flashed before my eyes.

affiliate marketing

I pictured the disappointment in my wife’s eyes as I broke the news to her that I was fired.

I began to feel nervous as I imagined my son growing up without a father worth looking up to.


All of these thoughts flooded my mind as I sat there in a rickety office chair,

while being lectured by the owner of the company.


He said my carelessness could’ve cost him a fortune.

But as I sat there nervously waiting to be fired,

I remembered something that made all my fears go away.


My Glock 19


I still remember the day my wife and I went to the gun store to purchase it.

It was the first day we had a chance to spend some time together since our son was born.


It was a beautiful warm fall day in Arizona.

You know those days where the temperature is just right?

Yeah…the perfect day to buy a new gun.


We bought my Glock 19 when my son was only a month old.

Yeah I know what you’re thinking, it was a bit of an expense.


Especially with the recent hospital bills that were looming over our heads, but…


My wife and I knew that investing in our safety was far more valuable than

the few hundred dollars we paid for the gun.


Now that my family’s safety was secured, I needed a better way to earn a living.

 One day out of the blue….


I Had an Epiphany


I thought to myself “What if my Glock could make a living for me?”

I know, sounds crazy right?

You should’ve seen the look on my wife’s face, it wasn’t good.


But that’s when “Tactical Toolbox” was born.


I started writing a couple of product reviews of a few Glock parts I already owned.

Well one thing led to another and suddenly big name companies

were sending me free gun accessories to review for them.


Companies like Vortex Optics, Strike Industries,

and Stealth Gear USA just to name a few.



Then suddenly my website started making a little bit of money through affiliate sales.

I couldn’t believe it!


I thought this kind of stuff only happened to people on the internet!

Wait a sec, now I was one of those people on the internet.


Before I knew it I made $91 my first month!


So I kept pressing forward.

The next month I made $205.95 and then the next month $545,

and the month after that $724.

But here’s the craziest part.


It keeps increasing each month.

But it’s not all care bears and lollipops.


If you want the freedom to control your time,

then you got to be willing to grind every single day.

You have to dig deep, find your purpose and know in your heart that one day..


It will pay off.



Your payoff may be different from mine, but I look forward to the days when…


I can sleep-in on a Monday with my wife laughing and joking around,

while the rest of society frantically fights rush hour traffic.




I look forward to building forts with my children out of the couch cushions

and having Epic Nerf Gun Battles.

It takes work to get there, but the most interesting part is..


It doesn’t feel like work….I feels like freedom



The Freedom to do what I want, when I want, where I want.

Six months ago I never would’ve imagined my Glock would be

providing an income for my family, but somehow it is.


However, even though my website was making money, it wasn’t enough.

I wanted real freedom, freedom from my day job.

Freedom from employers telling me how to live my life.


I needed to learn how to take my small website to the next level.

There was just one problem.


I didn’t know how to take it to the next level.


For months, I prayed and beat my head against the wall.

But nothing I tried was working,

I felt like a turtle stuck on my back, flailing my arms and legs.


But one evening while surfing the internet, God answered my prayers.

I stumbled upon a treasure trove.


This treasure trove gave me all the knowledge and wisdom I desperately needed

to achieve the freedom I so desperately craved.


But was it for real?


I’ve heard all of the empty promises before, I didn’t have time for games.

So what made this one any different?

2 words….They Care…


They weren’t just trying to get my money,

they cared about me succeeding and taking my business to the next level.


Like my Glock, I knew this investment would pay off.

They held my hand and showed me exactly what moves I should make next.


It was the answer to my prayers.


So as I sat their waiting to be fired for answering a Glock related email on my cell phone.

My fear turned into bravery.


Suddenly I remembered my small website is growing fast enough that

I could fire my boss if I chose.


I now had a choice because I knew my family would be okay if I got fired.

Because while my family was sleeping at night.


I was building our empire.

But I couldn’t have pulled it off without a little treasure trove called Affilorama.



Who Is Affilorama?



Affilorama teaches men and women like you and I,

how-to succeed with affiliate marketing from start to finish.

But what makes them different is….


Affilorama is like a Lamborghini


Like the Lamborghini, Affilorama is all about performance.

They will take your dream from 0 to 60 faster than anyone else.



They have different driving modes to match the experience level of the driver.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a clueless beginner like I was or an experienced affiliate marketer,

there’s a driving mode just for you.


They will instruct you on.

  • How to find a profitable niche topic that aligns with your passion.
  • How to find the best products to promote for your website.
  • How to attract massive traffic to your website
  • How-to build your own website and customize it to your satisfaction.


They have a navigation system to guide you.


With simple yet brilliant video tutorials, they will make it effortless

to get from where you are now, to where you want to be.


How Do They Do This?


  • 90+ Step by step video lessons
  • Downloadable lessons & course notes
  • Private members’ forum
  • Lifetime access
  • BONUS: AffiloTheme website builder
  • BONUS: 1-year web hosting for 1 website
  • BONUS: 1-month trial of Affilorama Premium


Does It Work?


I am overjoyed to say, It works and I’m proof.

I remember when I started the Tactical Toolbox website,

I thought everyone was blowing smoke up my butt about affiliate marketing.


Thankfully I was wrong


 Get Started  

There’s just one last thing.



Do you find yourself coming up with great business ideas

but you don’t know how to make them a reality?


You may be thinking…”What if I can’t do this?”


“What if I don’t follow through?”


Well, If you go into this and later decide that having freedom and making money from home isn’t a good fit for you,

then the kind folks at Affiliorama will give you a prompt and courteous refund within 60 days.

 Get Started  

It’s time to make a change, because

No One Ever Acheived Greatness, By Playing it Safe


Welcome To The Club


I believe getting started with Affilorama is a wise investment, not only in yourself

but in your family as well.

 Get Started  

Now I can finally fire my boss when I choose to.


It’s a Freedom Thing!

Jonathan Wright

Proverbs 18:16 “A man’s gift makes room for him And brings him before great men.”



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