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  • Looks Classy
  • 100 Year Warranty
  • Makes Your Gun Feel Weightless
  • Never Stretches


  • Uncomfortable during break-in period

Hank’s Belts Review: The Best Leather Concealed Carry Gun Belt!

As a concealed carrier, comfort is always a priority. A good holster and a great gun belt can mean the difference between loving concealed carry and it being an uncomfortable burden.

I’ve had friends comment that they can’t understand how I comfortably conceal carry my Glock 19 every day, when they can barely be comfortable with their M&P Shield.

Every single time this conversation comes up I show them my holster and gun belt combination.


After they try out some of my different CCW belts, their minds are blown at how much more comfortable their concealed carry gun now feels.

For the past month I have had the pleasure of testing and reviewing the “The Tactical Blackout Belt” from Hanks Belts, which was generously provided to me for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Thank you so much for all of your support! This post contains affiliate links, and if you decide to purchase this belt I would be very grateful if you helped support our mission.



The “Tactical Blackout Belt” is Amish made out of a solid piece of full-grain leather which measures 1.5” in width and .27” in thickness, and 16 oz. in weight.

The color of the belt is a rich and elegant black and is paired with a satin finished black oxide buckle.

And as always it comes with Hank’s 100 Year Warranty!

The belt is guaranteed to never crack, break, or stretch excessively or they will send you a replacement free of charge.

Gun Belt Review

First Impressions

Right out of the box I was welcomed with the fresh and sweet aroma of steer hide leather. Just holding this belt in your hands for 10 seconds will reassure you of the high quality craftsmanship.

This belt is very rigid and can be somewhat uncomfortable during the first week of use. With an athletic build I found the top edges of the belt digging into my hip bones.

But after the first week of use the belt quickly molded to the shape of my waist, making it much more comfortable.

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Best EDC Belt Review

Concealed Carry

The “Tactical Blackout Belt” performed flawlessly. It’s almost as if my Glock 19 was weightless due to the belts sturdiness.

I tested this belt with my Galco King Tuk, RLCH AMBI appendix holster, and RLCH DCR 2.0 appendix rig.

It performed well with all of my holsters with the exception of the DCR 2.0. Due the design of appendix rig sidecar holsters, you will need to place the buck on your side in order to clip it on properly

The “Tactical Blackout Belt” kept the grip of my gun firmly pressed into my body which in turn minimized the possibility of printing.

 best gun belt

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Typically I prefer the “Tactical-Style” EDC Belts such as the Galco Instructors belt, but there are times when I need to dress up nicer and this belt is perfect for that.

Don’t get me wrong this belt is perfect for EDC use and can definitely handle the abuse.

But because I love my DCR 2.0 appendix holster so much, I will be reserving the Hank’s Belt for when I need to dress up a little nicer or when I don’t feel like carrying a spare mag.

With that being said I give the “Tactical Blackout Belt” the Tactical Toolbox thumbs-up approval and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a high quality EDC/Gun Belt.










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