💥Polymer 80 PF940C Custom Glock 19 Build!⚡

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Now You Can Build The Ultimate Custom Glock 19!

 Polymer 80 has done it again, with their highly anticipated Polymer80 PF940C frame.


This frame is an 80% Glock like lower receive that allows you to build a custom Glock 19, Glock 23, or a Glock 32.

Today we’re going to show you how to complete the Polymer80 PF940C frame, so that it will run reliably the first time.


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So Lets Start Building Your First Custom Glock 19 


custom glock 19



Two Models Available


Pre-Textured Model:



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The Ready Mod Model



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Polymer 80’s Ready Mod Frame is for those who want to have it stippled to their preference.


The Pre-Textured model is for those of us who want to build it and go.

Regardless of which frame you decide on purchasing, they can both be custom stippled.



Parts We’re Using



Polymer 80 PF940C Custom Glock 19 Frame




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Polymer 80 PF940C Glock 19 Completion Kit:




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Apex Tactical – Action Enhancement Trigger Kit For Glock


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Tools Used


Wheeler Hammer & Punch Set:



Real Avid Smart Bench Block:



Dremel 4000 w/ 50pc accessories:



Get The File Set Here:



4” Bench Vise:



Magnetic Vise Jaws:


The Polymer 80 PF940C Custom Glock 19 frame comes with all the bits and parts needed to complete the frame.






What’s Included:

  1. 80% Frame
  2. Jig for milling and drilling
  3. 2x Drill bits
  4. 1X End Mill Bit
  5. Stainless Steel Front and Rear Rails
  6. All the pins needed






There are only 4 operations that need to be completed on the Polymer 80 PF940C lower receiver.


  1. Decking the front rails.
  2. Decking the rear rails.
  3. Milling the Barrel/ guide rod seat.
  4. Drilling the pin holes


The Official Polymer 80 Instructions state that we should mill the front and rear rail sections, and barrel seat

using the provided barrel seat using the provided end mill bit and a drill press.


Then drill the pin holes using a hand drill and the provided drill bits.

You can find the Official Polymer 80 PF940C Instructions Here.


However, we’re going to do things a little bit different.



Instead of using a drill press and XY Vise, we’re going to use the following:

  1. Large Hand Files
  2. Small Hand Files
  3. 400 Grit Sandpaper
  4. 600 Grit Sandpaper,
  5. 2000 Grit Sandpaper
  6. WD-40
  7. Hand Drill
  8. Bench Vise
  9. Soft Jaws
  10. Dremel 4000
  11. Real Avid Smart Bench Block
  12. Wheeler Hammer & Punch Set


Although this method takes a little longer to complete the PF940C frame; you will be amazed by the results.


Let’s Get To Work




Step 1:


Place thePolymer80 PF940C Frame into the Jig.


Step 2:


With the soft jaws installed on the bench vise.

Place the Polymer80 PF940C jig into the vise, with the rail sections facing toward the ceiling.



Be careful not clamp the vise down too tight, as this can causing the jog to become deformed.




Step 3:


Take a medium grit large file and start filing the front rails.

Be care as not to file and of the red portions of the jig.


Once you have the front rails flush with the jig, go ahead a stop.

We will smooth everything out later.


Step 4:


Now take a narrower file and repeat the same process on the rear rail section.




Step 5:


Now let’s file down the barrel seat.

Be careful as to only mill the portion indicated by the red marking in the Official Polymer 80 PF940C Instructions.





Make sure that this part is done as smoothly as you can make it.

A poor job on this part will cause the slide not to track smoothly.





Step 6:



Do not drill all the way through the jig!

Instead drill the holes on one side of the jig, then move to the opposite side to finish.



Now let’s drill the pin holes.

Included in the Polymer 80 PF940C kit are 2 drill bits.

One small bit and one larger bit.




Using a hand drill use the small bit to drill the small holes.

Then use the larger bit to drill the larger hole on each side of the jig.







You’ve successfully completed the Polymer 80 PF940C Frame.


Before you attempt to install the lower parts,

be sure to see our next post on how to clean everything up!


This will ensure that your Polymer 80 PF940C Custom Glock 19 runs perfectly.



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