RLCH DCR 2.0 Appendix Rig

RLCH DCR 2.0 Appendix Rig





Adjustable Retention




Price Lower Than Copetition


Attention To Detail


Sight Picture



  • Polished Edges
  • Very Confortable
  • Conceals Like a Dream
  • Fast Lead Times
  • Lowest Prices Amongst Competition
  • Grip Tuk Claw


  • non-adjustable clips, however adjustable clips are available upon request.

Redline Concealement Holsters: Review & Giveaway! Appendix Rig For CCW

Today we’re reviewing the appendix rig sidecar holster from Redline Concealment Holsters.


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Kydex appendix holster aiwb

Purchasing a kydex appendix holster online can be risky. One small flaw in the holsters design could cause the trigger to be accidently depressed while holstering, or the holster’s retention may be too loose and your firearm could come out of the holster and the wrong time.

Not to mention that you have to spend your hard earned money on the holster to begin with.

Well, all of those problems have been solved by a small company from Texas called “Redline Concealment Holsters” (RLCH).

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Who Is Redline Concealment Holsters Anyway?

Redline Concealment Holsters (RLCH) is a fireman owned and operated company from the great state of Texas. They believe that holster shouldn’t only be high quality and well designed, but affordable, with a quick lead time.

For the past month I have had the opportunity to test and review the DCR 2.0 appendix rig holster from Redline Concealment Holsters, and I have been blown away at the high quality craftsmanship, comfort, concealability, and affordability.

As a side note I was sent this holster for free for review.


What Is The DCR 2.0?

The DCR 2.0 is a kydex appendix rig holster with an integrated mag carrier that’s conveniently positioned for easy speed reloads.

Now I know that some of you may be thinking that the DCR 2.0 appendix rig is a copy of the T-rex arms sidecar holster, and at first glance it may seem that way, but the DCR 2.0 has 3 main advantages over the T-Rex Arms Sidecar Holster.  

  1. Higher quality- The DCR 2.0 Appendix Rig has a more premium feel due to the rounded and high polished edges. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you have this holster pressing against your stomach all day long, this small detail is a big improvement.
  2. Lower Priced- As configured our DCR 2.0 test unit cost $75.00 as opposed to $105.00 price tag offered by T-Rex Arms.
  3. Faster Lead Times- The Current lead times for Redline Concealment Holsters is 3-4 weeks as opposed to 4-7 weeks with T-Rex Arms.


After being burned by other poorly designed appendix holsters, I was apprehensive about testing the DCR 2.0 holster.

The firearm I tested the holster with was a Glock 19 Gen 4. Not the easiest gun to conceal but not very difficult either.

However, the moment I put this holster on I realized that this was going to be my new favorite holster of all time.

I was amazed how comfortable the DCR 2.0 was. I could sit, stoop, bend, and drive comfortably without compromising the concealability.


Coupon Code: TTB10 For 10% OFF Your Order!


Prior to using the RLCH DCR 2.0 I was using the Galco King Tuk IWB holster. The Galco was very comfortable and was a great option for a first holster.

However I have one main issue with it as time went on. The grip was exposed when I had to bend at the waist compromising the concealability.

Even with a bulky Glock 19 the DCR 2.0 disappears, even with form-fitting t-shirts.


Drawing from Concealment

With the Galco King Tuk drawing from concealment was slow and awkward. It almost felt unnatural to draw from the 4:00-4:30 position.

But with the DCR 2.0 drawing from concealment is a breeze and the learning curve is very easy.


Advantages of the DCR 2.0

  • Faster draw
  • Smoother draw
  • Extra mag



If you have been burned in the past by other appendix holsters like I have, then I urge you to give the DCR 2.0 by Redline concealment Holsters a try.

I have a slim athletic build so I can’t speak for people who have a different body type than me, but the holster has definitely surprised me as to how comfortable it is and how well it conceals.

If you’re finding yourself on the fence about this holster then I would say take the plunge and order it.

Also you can get 10% off your entire order by using our coupon code: TTB10

Coupon Code: TTB10 For 10% OFF Your Order!

Get Yours at http://www.redlineconcealmentholsters.com/

Kydex appendix holster aiwb


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