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INSANE! 💥Affordable Custom Glock 19 Polymer80 Frames!!

Are you ready for the Polymer 80 Custom Glock 19 build 3? ¬† ūüí•AFFILIATE LINKS AND COUPONS BELOW!ūüí• ¬† Previously we built the Polymer80 PF940C¬†Glock 19 in the standard black and the Brownells Exclusive Coyote Tan. But now XhaleWeaponWorx is Selling Pre-Stippled Polymer...

💥Best Night Sights For Home Defense‚ö°Trijicon HD XR vs HD!!

ūüí•Best Night Sights For Home Defense‚ö°Trijicon HD XR vs HD!! The Best Night Sights For Home Defense and Concealed Carry? ūüí•LINKS AND COUPONS BELOW!ūüėć Today we‚Äôre going to take a look at the Trijicon HD XR vs HD. Are they any better than the original Trijicon HD Night...

EPIC!‚ö° Custom P80 DREAM Glock 19 GAW!😍

Sharing is Caring GAW Contest! Ok so my account got hacked and someone deleted my last 20 videos. Thankfully I have all the videos backed up, but the channel lost its view velocity and SEO. We really need to get the SEO and Views...

Glock 19 Pistol Carbine Conversion KPOS G2P Pathfinder Review!

  Fab Defense KPOS G2P Pathfinder Review! We’re reviewing the Fab Defense KPOS G2P Pathfinder. It’s a Glock Carbine Conversion Kit similar to the Roni Conversion kit, except the KPOS G2P Pathfinder seems to be made from higher quality materials. You can get the KPOS...

¬†💥Polymer80 PF940C Custom Glock 19 Build!‚ö°

¬†ūüí•Polymer 80 PF940C Custom Glock 19 Build!‚ö° ūüĎČCoupon Codes Below! Now You Can Build The Ultimate Custom Glock 19! ¬†Polymer 80 has done it again, with their highly anticipated¬†Polymer80 PF940C frame. ¬† This frame is an 80% Glock like lower receive that allows you to...

Vaultek VT20i Review: Is a Bluetooth Safe a Good Idea?

Vaultek VT20i Review: Is a Bluetooth Handgun Safe a Good Idea?   Before we get into the "Vaultek VT20i Review", let’s clear the air. No matter what you do,there is no way to stop a motivated individual from stealing your belongings.   Regardless of how tough the gun...

Blacklist Industries Review Vs. S3F Solutions Barrel!

Blacklist Industries Review Vs S3F Solutions! Which One Is Better? We're reviewing the Blacklist Industries TiN Glock Barrel, and Comparing it to the S3F Solutions TiN G19 Barrel.   Buy the Blacklist Industries Barrel [button link="" type="big"...

Aero Precision Charging Handle Review! Bonus! Flip-Up Sights!

    Aero Precision Flip-Up Sights & Ambi Charging Handle Review! Today we're reviewing the Flip-Up BUIS and Ambidextrous Charging Handle from Aero Precision. Spoiler Alert! Awesome Quality at an Affordable Price!       Buy The Aero Precison Flip-Up Sights Here:...


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Appendix Carry Glock 19 Holster // (COUPON!)



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