PSE Pro Max 54 Recurve Bow Package


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View the line of PSE Archery products. Experience traditional archery like never before with PSEs Pro Max 54 Recurve Bow Package. The bow boasts a sleek dymondwood riser with limbs made from maple wood. Riser features a stabilizer and sight bushing. Tapered grip for easy handling and precision shooting. Length: 54. Brace ht: 8. Draw wt: 20 lbs. Wt: 2.3 lbs. PSE Pro Max 54 Recurve Bow Package includes: bow, two carbon arrows with 3 turkey-feather fletching, finger savers, hip quiver, stringer, armguard, plastic stick-on arrow rest and adjustable target sight. Age Group: Kids. Type: Recurve Take-Down Bows.

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