Sb Tactical Sbx-K Stabilizing Brace


Stability & Improved AR Pistol Control

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The SBX-K Pistol Stabilizing Brace is SB Tactical’s second generation brace designed for Sig Sauer’s MPX and MCX line of AR-15 style pistols. Made from a high-quality, elasto-polymer, the SB Tactical’s SBX-K Pistol Stabilizing Brace can be strapped around the shooters forearm for better accuracy when shooting one handed. With a more streamlined design than its predecessor, the SBX-K Pistol Stabilizing Brace employs a wider strap to give extra stability when strapped to the forearm. Brace can also be pressed against the cheek for a third point of contact to stabilize the pistol when firing. Fits 1″ to 1.2″ dia. buffer tubes Adjustable nylon st Mfg: Sb Tactical

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