Sb Tactical Vector Psb Pistol Stabilizing Brace


Enhances Control Of Your KRISS Pistol

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The SB Tactical Vector PSB Stabilizing Brace is designed to give you extra stability when shooting the KRISS Vector SDP pistol. Pulled against the cheek, without touching the shooters chest, the Vector PSB acts as a third point of contact to stabilizing the pistol. Made from a high-quality, elasto-polymer, the Vector PSB Stabilizing Brace can be strapped around the shooter’s forearm, giving the shooter better control while firing the KRISS Vector SDP pistol one handed. Can be adjusted to an angle for proper use on forearm Allows for good sight picture Ready for mounting on the KRISS M4 adapter (sold separately) Adjustable nylon strap for secure fit on Mfg: Sb Tactical

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