Mega Arms Ar-15 Wedge Lock Handguard Free Float


Easy On & Off, Lightweight, Ultra-Strong, Free-Floating Handguard

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Mega Arms’ Wedge Lock KeyMod Rifle Handguard uses a cutting edge, two-piece system to clamp solidly onto the barrel nut, resulting in a super tight fit that won’t twist or wobble. A single set screw forces the two-wedge shaped pieces to push against each other, resulting in a powerful locking mechanism with minimal use of space. Thanks to its innovative design, the Wedge Lock KeyMod Rifle Handguard is easy to mount or remove for increased rifle modularity. Made from 7075-T6 extruded aluminum Titanium barrel nut Black Nitrided wedge system Compatible with any mil-spec upper Includes a handguard anti rotation pin & assembly tools With an Mfg: Mega Arms

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