Voodoo Innovations Enforcer G17 & G19 Slide Assembly


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The VooDoo Innovations Glock 9mm Slide Assembly is designed as an improved drop-in fit for the Glock. The VDI Slide is profiled and lightened to reduce recipricol mass and decrease felt recoil. Our VDI Slides are cut from stainless steel with enhanced front and rear cocking serrations for improved manipulation and improved slide geometry to draw your eye to the front sight. The VDI Barrel is machined to tighter fitment tolerances to increase accuracy potential without the need of gunsmith fitting. The barrel features a SAAMI spec 9mm Match chambering, Match Grade Rifling to allow the use of any 9mm projectile (not just jacketed bullets), threaded 1/2 x 28 TPI for use with Mfg: Voodoo Innovations

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