Cmmg Mkg-45t Rifle 45 Acp 16.1 Glock~ Mag


Big-Bore Pistol-Caliber Carbine

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The CMMG MKG-45T Rifle is a match made in heaven, bringing the heavy, hard-hitting .45 ACP to America’s most popular rifle platform: the AR-15. This pistol-caliber carbine gets it done with a wide-range of special features that make it run right. The CMMG MKG-45T operates using the company’s proprietary radial-delayed blowback operation, which provides just enough resistance to allow the powerful .45 ACP to stay in the chamber long enough for the pressure to drop, ensuring that users have a rifle that operates, efficiently, reliably and durably. Barrel length: 16.1 inches Feed with Glock magazines Weight: 5.6 pounds Ships with one 14-round magazine Mfg: Cmmg

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