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1911 handgun case features internal compartments holding a 1911 style handgun and two magazines, these cases also adapt to different barrel lengths. 1911 Handgun Series is designed to protect the pistol in transit, whether it is from home to the range in the car or on a plane coast to coast. Since most 1911 shooters have multiple magazines and accessories, the case is designed with that in mind. Fitted compartments for the pistol magazines and other accessories. As with all Negrini cases, the new 1911 cases hold more than it appears from the outside. This storage space engineering is one of the things that sets Negrini apart from other cases. The 1911 Handgun Cases are produced us Mfg: Negrini Cases SPECS: Color: Black, Case Capasity: 1 Handgun, Series Type: Fitted 1911, M&P, GLOCK, Tactica, Concealed Carry, Handgun Pistol, Locks: 2 Combination Locks, Case Material: Thermaformed ABS.

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