Tangodown Vickers Tactical Magazine Floorplate-Glock~ 42


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Back up pistols are designed to bea |small. Maybe a little too small, depending on the size of hands you own. If your firing grip puts your pinky finger in space, the Vickers Tactical Floor Plate is the answer. Its shape is soft and contoured, extending downward just enough to allow all fingers to grip the weapon for maximum recoil control. It also features indentations on both sides to allow positive magazine removal, should the magazine become stuck in the weapon. Made of the same bomb-proof polymer found in all VT Floor Plates, comes in pack of 2. Note: the VTMFP-003 does NOT change magazine capacity. Fits Glock Model 42. Will not fit Glock Models 25, 28. Exten Mfg: Tangodown

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