Cmc Drop-In Trigger Kit For Glock


Ultra-Crisp Trigger, Glass Smooth Break

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The CMC Glock replacement trigger is a drop-in unit that improves the trigger’s overall performance while reducing the pull weight by 2 lbs. Sporting a flat-faced trigger shoe with a hooked bottom, the CMC Glock replacement trigger comes as a complete assembly with all OEM internals trigger bar, springs and housing to ensure reliable function in your Glock pistol. Made from 8620 alloy steel and S7 tool steel Positive trigger reset Totally self-contained, one-piece assembly Easy to install Three separate models: 9mm Gen1-3 (will not fit G43), .40 S&W Gen1-3, and Gen 4 pistols The CMC Glock replacement trigger offers an improved trigge Mfg: Cmc

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