Glock Trigger W/Trigger Bar Gen5


Return Your Gen5 To Factory Specs With an OEM Replacement Trigger

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The Glock Gen5 Trigger & Trigger Bar Assembly is made to the exact specifications as the trigger that’s in your pistol right now, so it’s a drop-in replacement for a broken, bent, or otherwise worn out trigger. The Gen5 Trigger & Trigger Bar Assembly attaches to the trigger housing using a cruciform similar to the G42/G43 trigger, meaning it offers the same quick break after a pull with minimal creep. Rounding out the upgrades, Glock’s Gen5 Trigger & Trigger Bar Assembly has the slimmer Gen5 trigger shoe that’s more comfortable for many shooters. Gen5 Trigger Pin (#100-026-268) and Gen5 Trigger Housing / Ejector assembly (#100-026-26 Mfg: Glock

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