Trijicon HD Night Sights (GL101O)

Trijicon HD Night Sights (GL101O)











Target Acquisition


Sight Picture



  • Bright Front Sight
  • Hardened Aluminum Material
  • Front Sight Color Differentiation
  • Rear Sight Ledge
  • Sight Picture
  • Target Acquisition


  • A Bit Pricey

Trijicon HD Night Sights Review

A Comprehensive Trijicon HD Night Sights Review

If you’re a Glock owner then the first thing that you probably want to upgrade on your gun are the sights.

All Glock pistols come with a set of cheap plastic sights installed from the factory.

These polymer sights are prone to breaking, and give the shooter a horrible sight picture.

But when a company such as Glock needs to produce an amazing firearm at a reasonable price, corners need to be cut in some places.

In this case the corners were definitely cut with the factory Glock sights


Finding the best night sights can be really confusing!


I wanted to do this Trijicon HD Night Sights Review because there aren’t too many reviews that compare the Trijicon HD Sights to other gun sights.

When I started looking for a set of night sights for my Glock 19, I was immediately bombarded with conflicting information as to what the best night sights were.

Some people would say that the Ameriglo Spartan tactical sights were the best, others would say that the Ameriglo Pro Idot night sights were the best, and some would swear by the Truglo TFO night sights.

After sifting through a lot of reviews an opinions I noticed that most people recommended the Trijicon HD sights.


Sticker Shock!


The price of the Trijicon HD Night Sights are among the highest price iron sights on the market.

The first time I saw the price of $135, I almost pissed myself in laughter.

But after having the opportunity to test them out and compare them to other night sights, I knew first hand why they were expensive……

Because they’re Worth It. Period.



What Are Night Sights Anyway?


Night Sights aren’t just glow in the dark iron sights. They are sights that have tritium vials encapsulated inside.

The Trijicon HD Night Sights have tritium vials in both the front and rear. One in the front and two in the rear.

The front sight has the addition of photo luminescent paint to help differentiate between the front and rear sights.




The Color On The Front Sight Is Awesome!


The Trijicon HD Sights come in Yellow (Trijicon GL101Y) and Orange (Trijicon GL101O).Trijicon HD Night Sights Review

The color of the front sight post is achieved with a bright photo luminescent paint and can be charged with natural and artificial light.

The orange Trijicon HD Night Sights is the more popular of the two, due to the ease of target acquisition.  But the yellow isn’t a slouch.

The yellow color variant holds a charge almost twice as long as the orange sights when charged by sunlight.

Bottom Line it all comes down to personal preference.

Trijicon-hd trijicon-hd-night-sights-review

They Got a Fat Ass!


In a good way! The rear sight has a very nice shelf which makes one-handed manipulations a breeze.

The shelf on the rear sight makes is a lot easier to field strip your firearm, and rack the slide of your belt, shoe, table or anything that your heart desires.

The back of the rear sight is partially serrated to eliminate glare from sunlight.



The Best Part is The U-Notch Design


The rear sight is cut in the shape of the letter U. This aids in directing your eyes directly to the front sight.

The two dots on the rear sight are almost invisible in the daylight (which I prefer), and light up very bright in the dark.


They Will Help You Shoot Faster


When testing the Trijicon HD Sights at the range, my shot groupings didn’t get any better or worse.

But my speed dramatically improved.

This is due to contrasting colors of the front and rear sights, which allowed me to acquire my target much faster.


How Do The Trijicon HD Sights Compare to Their Competition?

The main competitors for the Trijicon HD Night Sights are the Ameriglo Spartan Tactical Night Sights and the Ameriglo Pro Idot Night Sights.

Fun Fact: All three sights have the same front sight post.

The only difference is the rear sight, but only the Trijicon HD Sights have the awesome U-notch design.


Trijicon HD vs. Ameriglo Pro Idot vs. Ameriglo Spartan sights


Trijicon HD Night Sights $134 (Free Shipping) Buy Here

  • 3 dot configuration
  • Orange or yellow front sight post
  • U-Notch Design
  • Longer sight radius (compare to stock)


Ameriglo Spartan Sights $105 (Free Shipping)Buy Here  

  • 3 dot configuration
  • Same orange front sight post
  • No U-Notch
  • Lower rear shelf (little more difficult for one handed manipulations)
  • Same sight radius as Trijicon HD


Ameriglo Pro Idot Sights $85 (Free Shipping)Buy Here  

  • 2 dot configuration (opposed to standard 3 dot)
  • Same orange/yellow front sight post
  • No U-notch
  • High Rear Shelf
  • Shorter Sight Radius than Trijicon HD Sights


Bottom line

It all comes down to personal preference and your budget.

If you’re on a tight budget then the Ameriglo Pro Idot Night Sights are an awesome choice for the money (if you don’t mind the 2 dot configuration).

If you’re on a budget but prefer the 3 dot configuration then the Ameriglo Spartan Tactical Night Sights will fit the bill.

But if you’re like me and just want to get all the bells and whistles such as the U-notch design, rear sight shelf, and the longer sight radius.

Then the Trijicon HD Night Sights are the sights for you.


Thank you so much for reading the Trijicon HD Night Sights Review. I hope that this review helps you find the best night sights for your handgun.

P.S. The Trijicon HD Sights are only $25 more than the Ameriglo Spartan Sights.

P.P.S Don’t forget To Purchase:

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