Finding a good is tough, especially if you’re overweight. Let’s face it not all of us are born with the same body type some of us are born skinny, some of us are born muscular, and some of us are born with a tactical muffin top.

However concealed holsters aren’t made for every single body type so choosing the best one for you can be a struggle. So what’s the best concealed carry holster for an overweight man?


What to look for in a Holster.

There are 5 main things to consider when choosing the best concealed carry holster.


The comfortability of a holster is one of the most important factors when carrying a concealed handgun. We don’t want our gun digging into our side or into our back. We want it to seamlessly mold into our without printing too much.


We want our holster to breathe with our bodies, a lot of holsters will make us sweat underneath the leather or underneath the kydex, and at the end of the day we have a big wet spot where our holster was and that sucks to be honest.


How well a holster conceals a firearm is a big factor, otherwise we would just be carrying our guns openly. So we want to make sure that our holster doesn’t print with our clothing very much


We don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a holster. However, we don’t want to cheap out on low quality either. We need a good quality holster that will last and grow with us over time.


We want to make sure that any concealed carry holster that we use is designed properly and completely covers the trigger to prevent any accidental discharges. This is probably the most important feature that we need to look for when considering a new holster.

Types Of Carry


Appendix Carry

Some people choose to carry in the appendix location because it’s most comfortable for them however not everyone feels comfortable pointing a gun at their family jewels. This type of carry breaks one of the cardinal rules of safety. Which is don’t point the barrel of the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy. Some people are comfortable with this carry position while others are not however the choice is ultimately yours.


Strong Side Carry

Some people choose to carry their gun on the strong side of their body either at the 3 o’clock 4 o’clock or 4:30 position. You should test all of these positions and see which one is most comfortable for you, which one allows for the greatest concealability, and practice drawing from those positions with an safe unloaded gun.

My Recommendation

My recommendation for the best concealed carry holster for overweight men is the StealthGear USA onyx or the StealthGear USA appendix holster.

Now I’m not an overweight man myself but I can tell you from speaking with others and doing research on the internet. I have found that most men who are overweight prefer this holster over all others.

However this holster isn’t just confined to overweight men. I have read reviews about this holster from multiple mean of all shapes and sizes and they all Love it

This holster offers comfort, breathability, concealability, proper trigger coverage, and it comes in an affordable price.
Coming in at $89 this holster is perfectly falls in the middle when it comes to price point to quality ratio. It’s not too expensive that we can’t afford it yet it’s not so cheap that we know that we can’t trust it.

If you would like to know more about StealthGear USA. Info



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