Believe it or not I haven’t always been a advocate, or a gun-enthusiast. In fact I just became a gun enthusiast this past year. I was never against guns, however I was afraid of guns. I was always afraid that the gun might accidentally go off and hurt someone.


Why I Was Afraid of Guns

You see back when I was 11 years old my father taught me shoot a .22 caliber rifle and a .22 pistol, and over time I became very proficient with gun safety and shooting.

However one afternoon when I was 13 years old, I was messing with my father’s .22 caliber Ruger Mark 3 pistol in the living room. (With his permission of course)

I racked the slide, dropped the magazine and kept the gun pointed in a safe direction. Despite practicing what I thought was proper gun safety, I mistakenly thought that the gun was now safe.

However I made 3 vital mistakes.

  1. I racked the slide before removing the magazine.
  2. I didn’t physically look or feel the chamber to verify that it was empty.
  3.  I pulled the trigger.


Thinking that the gun was clear I dry fired it and accidentally sent a bullet into the floor 3 inches away from my big toe. Needless to say it scared me shitless.

A few months later my father left the rural country side and moved into the city and with that, my shooting days were over. Over the years I thought about shooting guns but the thought crippled me with fear.

How I Overcame My Fear

It wasn’t until the fear of losing my family outweighed my fear of guns that I was able to overcome my fear of guns.

Fast-forward to 2014 my wife and I were getting gas at the local Circle K and while I was inside paying for the gas. Two guys pulled up beside my wife and began to flirt with her.

She informed them that she was married and was not interested and when I walked out of the Circle K the two guys drove away.

After we filled up the cars, we left to go home. We were in separate cars and as we got onto the freeway I was about a quarter-mile ahead of her and my phone rang.

She was terrified because the two guys who were flirting with her, waited for us to leave, got behind her and was chasing her down the freeway. They were riding her bumper and were trying to get beside her car in hopes of getting her attention.

She was frantic and couldn’t think straight. I told her to get off at the next exit and go to the casino where I knew tribal police would be located.

Crippled with fear she got into the wrong turning lane and couldn’t go towards the casino. However, in a moment of clarity she faked the guys out and re-entered the freeway as they turned left at the light.

End of Story

Although nothing bad happened that night, I couldn’t help but think about what she would’ve done if I hadn’t been there, or how she would have defended herself if the need arose.

Over the course of the next few months I learned everything I could about and laws and conceal carry best practices.

It wasn’t until the fear of losing my family outweighed my fear of guns that I was able to overcome my fear of guns.

Today We Conceal Carry Everyday at All Times.



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