ZEV Technologies Fulcrum Trigger

ZEV Technologies Fulcrum Trigger














  • Adjustable Pre Travel
  • Adjustable Over Travel
  • Adjustable Weight
  • Performance
  • Drop-In


  • Price
  • Adjustments can be tedious

Zev Technologies Fulcrum Trigger Review

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If you’re like me and own a Glock pistol, you may love everything about your gun except for two main things; the trigger and the sites.

When I first purchased my Glock 19 Gen 4, I was conflicted as to whether or not I should change the trigger to make it smoother and lighter.

On one hand I completely believe in Glock’s reliability and know that they wouldn’t put a trigger in their firearms that would compromise the gun or how it operates. However, on the other hand I really like the feel of a smooth crisp light trigger.

In my quest to find the best Glock trigger I began testing a few different trigger connectors. None of which seemed to meet my needs.

Until I tried the Zev Tech Trigger…..


The Best Glock Trigger

I needed a trigger that could be light when I was at the range and a trigger that could be at the factory weight when I conceal carry. Then I stumbled upon the Zev Tech Fulcrum Trigger.

After spending 90 days with the ZevTech Fulcrum Trigger I decided that it was time to write a review.

So here is my 90 day review of the Zev Fulcrum Trigger.

the best glock trigger zev tech fulcrum trigger


What’s In The Box

  1. Full drop-in in trigger assembly
  2. 2. Stainless steel Striker
  3. 3. 3 pound spring and a 2-pound spring    …………..Firing pin not included

zev tech fulcrum trigger


The Zev Fulcrum Trigger is beautifully designed from an aesthetics perspective. You can choose different colors for the trigger safety such as red and black. Personally I prefer the black trigger with the red safety.

The trigger shoe is made out of a high quality aluminum vs Glock’s standard trigger shoe being made of polymer. This will help add more rigidity to the trigger itself. The trigger bar and Trigger connector come beautifully polished from Zev Technologies.

All of the components of this kit are made with the highest quality stainless steel and aluminum. In all the stainless steel is highly polished to a mirror finish.



Installing the Zev Fulcrum Technologies Trigger is actually quite simply all you need to do is remove the 3 pins from the frame of the firearm and drop the trigger in the frame and then re-insert all of your pins.

However, installing the striker spring and safety plunger could be a bit challenging for those of us who haven’t had to disassemble our slide before. Nevertheless if you can take a Glock apart these parts are quite simple to install.



The adjustments are easily made with two different set screws one for pre-travel and one for over travel.

Please watch the video below to learn how to adjust the Zev Technologies trigger.



The first time I went to the range with the Zev Technologies trigger installed on my Glock 19 I actually had worse groups than with the factory trigger.

It wasn’t because the trigger was a bad trigger but because I was so used to hitting the triggers wall with the factory Glock trigger.

This caused men to pull the Zev trigger too hard. However after a couple of magazines I was able to find the sweet spot in my trigger pull to match the pull weight of the Zev Technologies trigger.

After that I was able to get much tighter groups than I was able to achieve with the Glock Factory trigger. In addition to tighter groups I was able to shoot a lot faster than I was with the Glock Factory trigger.



In the 90 days that I spent with this trigger I have put thousands of rounds through it and have yet to have a malfunction caused by or related to the trigger.

As long as you’re cleaning your firearm as you would a stock Glock, you won’t have any issues with this trigger.

Whenever you’re ready to go to the range just throw the two-pound spring in the slide and when you’re ready for concealed carry just throw the three-pound spring in and you’re ready to rock and roll.



I know that spending $250 on a trigger for a $500 gun seems kind of ludicrous but hear me out. If the trigger is able to make you shoot faster and more accurately then I feel that it’s worth the investment.

God forbid that you’re ever in a self-defense situation but if you are you can be rest assured that your bullets will land where you want them to be. If you want to try a much cheaper option then you could always try one of the Ghost Connectors or even the Apex Triggers.



Although pricey the Zev Technologies Fulcrum Trigger is the best Glock trigger available right now. It will make you a more accurate and faster shooter if you already have the basic fundamentals down pat.

However this trigger will not improve your shot placement or speed if you haven’t mastered the basics of operating a pistol.

But if you have the extra money and are concerned about always being accurate and fast then this is the trigger for you.




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